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Time, the only true unit of Measure

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In life, human beings have only eight percent access of their brain cells. Imagine if we were able to access 100% of our brain cells. An instance is dolphin. An interesting thing about this creature is that it has about 28% access of it brain cells which allows it to create sound waves that help locate other species and communicate with them with convenience. If humans had access to unlock at least 20% of it, then we would have the ability to control not only things around us but minds of others to our advantage.

We are called higher animals and therefore, try and advance our knowledge to create a better planet. Humans can advance knowledge and wisdom but can also be slower. Time is the only measure and the most valuable thing in life since it is the only thing that can not be replaced or altered which makes it the only unit of measure.  Humans may consider themselves unique and root themselves on the perceived uniqueness, they are not.

One is their unit of measure. But it is not. Because all our social systems we put in place are mere sketch, like one plus one is equals two (1+1=2) expertly what we have learned. But one plus one is never equals two’. There are in fact no numbers and no letters. We have codified our existence to bring it down to human size, make it comprehensive.

We have created a scale so we can forget its unfathomable scale. Time gives legitimacy to its existence. Time is the only true unit of measure that gives proof to the existence of matter and without time, no one would be in existence. Time is unity. We are connected in some way, every single living organism. You are connected to all of those other things and in some way even in a minute of scale.

Maybe, but still in a way, by the data that made you and the data that makes you and the one thing that keeps all those things together forever? TIME, it is the most valuable thing.

Every cell knows and talks to every other cell; they exchange a thousand bits of information between themselves per second. The Cells joined together to form a joint web of communication, which in turn forms matter. Cells get together; take on one form, deform, reform and makes no difference. They are all the same.  Time is a very weird idea and concept, it can be our enemy or our best friend or ally.
A large variety of device have been invented to measure time. The study of these devices is called horology. Also an Egyptian device that dates to 1500 BC, similar in shape to a bent T-square, measured the passage of time from the shadow cast by its cross bar on a non linear rule. However, time is truly a complex concept that has fascinated scientists or normal people since the beginning of life.

In 1905, Albert Einstein determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observers, either due to a velocity difference relative to each other, or by being differently situated relative to a gravitational field. According to Albert Einstein, time is an illusion because no observer has knowledge of a distant event or the simultaneity of different events. Until they are unambiguously in those observers past, though, it confuses me, because time seems to be real and things happen depending on our speed.

Time can appear to move faster or slower to us relatively to others in a different part of space-time. And for astronauts on the international space station, that means they get to age just a tiny bit slower than people on earth that is because of time-dilation effects. The world’s most accurate clock has neatly shown how Albert Einstein was 100 years ago, when he proposed that time is a relative concept and the higher you live above sea level the faster you should age. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time and space are not as constant as everyday life would suggest.

So, depending on our position and speed, time can appear to move faster or slower to us relative to others in a different part of space-time. And for astronauts on the international space station, that means they get to age just a tiny bit slower than people on earth and that is because of time-dilation effects. In fact when traveling at speed near the speed of light special relativity, says that time is dilated. Thus relative to another inertial frame (where perhaps a stationery twin sits) time for the moving twin is slowing down.

Hence, the stationery twin is aging faster because the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers and that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same, no matter the speed at which an observer travels. The rebels who fight the big bang theory are mostly attempting to grapple with the concept of time which included the philosophers as much as cosmologists unsatisfied with the big bang, unimpressed with string theory and unconvinced of the multi verse. So, people are sure time is there, but they cannot get hold of it. 

 Quantum physics may have just proven that there is an afterlife. A scientist claims that the theory of biocentrism teaches that death as we know it is an illusion created by our consciousness. Professor Robert claims that life creates the universe and not the other way round. In very simple words, time is not a dimension of an abstract construct called minnow space. According to this space, is it not the affine space you live in with an added fourth dimension? But let me spend few words on what is called the twin paradox, a thought experiment in special relativity involving identical twins, one of whom makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket and returns home to find that the twin who remained on earth has aged more.

Time dilation is a simple phenomenon because it occurs because the speed of light is same for all observers in some media. Do  the rate of time experienced by the observer changes with respect to objects moving near to speed of light because two events in space time having different time origin with respect to each other. I remember an interview. The question was; would you like to be immortal? The answer was both very intelligent and fascinating. The interviewee said that if he knew to be immortal, what would be the point to get out of bed every morning, have plans to do something or spend any time with others? He stated that it is the knowledge that made humanity to make all of its progress.

Finally, people should populate this planet, create communities that behave just like living organisms. When I add to this idea, that we are all interconnected and part of each other and began with the big bang, I really cannot say that I am not interested in the latest quantum studies and discoveries that our humanity has been doing, that truly shows our progress in controlling our lives on the planet we have been living on. The essence of relativity is that there is no absolute time; no absolute space. Everything is relative. When you try to discuss time in the context of the universe, you need the simple idea that you isolate part of the universe and call it your clock because time evolution is only about the relationship between some part of the universe and that thing called your clock. Without change we would not have any notion of time.
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