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A popular Ilorin born Islamic Singer, Alhaji Ibrahim Labaeka, has publicly expressed his grievances against leaders of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State 

Labaeka in his video that went viral on social Media out bursted lambasting the governor and other APC chieftains for invited artists who did not work for #O To Ge Struggles to the inauguration of the new government in May, 2019.

He lamented that  the party sidelined him after so much of sacrifice of his energy and resources for the party during the struggle.

Labaeka who was invited to perform at a marriage  ceremony in Ilorin last weekend, used the stage as an avenue to voice his anger when he saw the majority of APC stalwarts on high tables.

 Some of the prominent faces at the marriage were Comrade Musbau Eshinrogunjo, Honorable Owolabi and a host of others.

Labaeeka who described leaders of APC in Kwara as group of betrayal of his trust, putting accuse  fingers at the prominent APC stalwarts on seat and told them its a shame that after their hundreds days in office , the government has not deem it fit to buy him musical instruments as earlier promised.

Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe of kwara central, Honorable Yekini Alajagusi , Cook Olododo and other APC chieftains in the state for what he described as their "Use and Dump" attitudes meted at him especially
 Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe whom he claimed used him during campaigns and stopped picking his calls immediately after he was sworn in at the Senate.

Labaeka called on all leaders of the ruling party to ensure they get him modernized to get musical instruments so as to shame his adversaries.

 He disclosed that failure to get him the musical instruments will imply that there is no responsible leader among the APC in the state, noting that their refusal to get him musical instruments will motivate his friends from Lagos and Dubai to raise funds for him.

"I want to say that I deserved a good treatment from the present government owing to my efforts during their campaigns.

"It's a shame on all APC leaders in kwara for not remembering to call me during inauguration. I give you (pointing to APC leaders on seat) one month to get me instruments for my career , if not, it means all of you are not responsible, it's means you are the bad men, not Saraki" he maintained.

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