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Commissionership not a platform for industrial attachment – Bolaji Abdullahi

Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, Former Minister for Sports

By Issa Saliu

Nigeria can only get it right as a country through purpose-driven leadership while Nigerians will have to redefine their understanding of leadership if they desire to achieve such, former Minister for Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, has said.

Abdulahi who spoke last weekend in Ilorin at a lecture organized by Kwara Gentlemen’s Club noted that Nigeria will have its best hands managing the affairs of the country and getting things right only when the major parameter is made to be the search for the problem solvers and getting them elected.
Reacting to the recent nomination of a 26 -year old serving corps member as a commissioner by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the former minister who served as Education Commissioner in Kwara state between 2007 and 2011, said such an action amounted to getting governance devalued.

Abdulahi who clarified that though he has nothing against the idea of appointing the youths into leadership positions, said commissionership is not a platform for industrial attachment or apprenticeship.

"When I was coming into government in 2003, I was the deputy editor of a newspaper and I had also worked in several places.  I got appointed as Special Assistant and I became a commissioner four years later. The problem is not about the age but you cannot give what you don’t have. 

Commissionership is not a platform where you function as trainee or undergo industrial attachment.

"It is not also a platform for apprenticeship. You will be in charge of a sector and you must break down the vision of the governor for the said sector.  You will need to come up with plans and know if such are achievable or not.  Governance is a serious business", Abdullah said.

What is currently obtainable, according to him, is a reward system that allows people to get recognized for their past deeds, rather than seeking for the best hands and searching for the problem- solvers.

Bolaji added that the questions people will readily ask when a candidate shows interest in an elective position are about how many lives he has touched and  how much of his wealth he has made available for the benefit of the people?

Abdulahi who also noted that all political parties in the country have no distinctive ideology added that the only party that came close to having ideology was the APC when the party talked about federalism, state police and other issues ahead of the 2015 election.

According to him, it was later discovered to be mere political gimmick that was used preparatory to the said election, saying that political parties require to be reconfigured.

Abdullah added that lack of internal democracy in the political parties has resulted in the emergence of different characters as politicians with little fund can pick the parties' ticket once they are able to buy their ways.

Commenting on the future of the leading opposition party, the PDP and his membership of the party, he confirmed that he remains a member of the PDP.

"The choice of the word ‘nominal’ was because I do not see the PDP surviving as it was not designed to survive outside power", the former minister said.

According to the former spokesman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, "the ruling APC cannot also survived inspite of being in power".

Speaking on the fight against corruption, he stated that the country has recorded appreciable success as it is no longer easy to steal money and hide it in the commercial banks, adding that he had recently seen an instance where a former governor who spent eight years in office was begging for money.

"I’m proud that my name has never been linked to corruption in all my years in the public service'’, he said.

Earlier in his welcome speech, President, Kwara Gentlemen’s Club, Olanrewaju Lar who thanked the former minister for honouring the club’s invitation chronicled events leading to formation of the club.

"Please allow me to go into the background of how Kwara Gentlemen’s Club was formed. It all started by sitting together at a joint discussing national issues but later realised the need to contribute our own quota to the development of our country", he said.

Kwara Gentlemen’s club consists of people with different backgrounds ranging from businesses, finances, medical, law, academia, administrators and other professions.

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