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Cleric urged Muslims to fear Allah

Ibrahim Idrees, Zakariya Abdulazeem 

Muslims across the country have been admonished to let the fear of Almighty Allah reflect in their daily activities as we would one day stand before our creator and account for our deeds.

An Ilorin base Islamic cleric and Imam of Fate Muslim Community, Ilorin Sheik Umar Idris Ayodeji who gave the advice while delivering his Jum’at Sermon, urged Muslim faithful to be honest and have fear of Allah as a way of propagating Islam.

He emphasized the need to love everyone to love his neighbors regardless of their religion and advised political  leaders to embarking on developmental programms that would have direct impact on the poor masses as directed by Allah and Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

Imam Ayodeji charged Muslim leaders to govern with utmost sincerity, justice and equity and desist from oppression through arrogant displace of opulence.
"Almighty Allah blesses the rich because of the poor", the Imam said.

Imam Adedeji admonished parents to be "shining examples to their children and wards because the Almighty Allah will reward everyone for every good deed".

According to him, Muslim Ummah should always be prayerful and seek for Allah's forgiveness, mercy and favour as to gain His forgiveness on the day of accountability.

"Every one shall one day become history and shall be accountable to our creator on the day of resurrection", he said.
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