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Zulu Gambari appoints new Danansami

   Emir of ilorin Alh Dr Ibrahim Zulu Gambari

By Sulyman Onide

 The Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Zulu Gambari has appointed Egr. Sulaiman Oba yahaya Alapasanpa as a new Danansami of Ilorin.

The Emir of Ilorin acknowledged wonderful performance of the new Danansami of Ilorin for his steadfast and committed for the successful of the second Durban of Ilorin when addressing spectators at emir palace of Ilorin on Monday.

His royal Highness pointed that Danansami means he who owns objects can know its value, and he who own house can know what to fix properly and assigned in order when addressing the spectators.

Emir of ilorin then described Engr.Alapasanpa who was a chairman of Durban committee has a man with full of experience and exposure which has showed through a Durban ceremony organized by him.

Sulu Gambari then disclosed that he once decided not to say anything on the event but a large crowd of people from Ilorin, guests and visitors from other parts of Nigeria and the world at large gingered him to express his excitement emotion to them all.

On showing the appreciation, Engr. Sulaiman Alapasanpa announced that his thanks giving will hold at emir palace tomorrow and then calls everyone to rejoice with him to show his appreciation to Emir of Ilorin.
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