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Oba Olorisa charges gov-elect to be fair to all

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, Kwara State Governor-elect

...agitates for traditionalists involvement in affairs

By Opeyemi Daniel

The Oba Olorisa of Kwara State, Obalowu Omotayo Jagun, has advised the Kwara State governor-elect, Alhaji AbdulrahmanAbdulrasaq and other candidates elected on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to be truthful and fair in their dealings to all and sundry no matter the political, religious or ethnic leanings.

He also charged the incoming government to always consider and recognise the traditional believers just as it does to the Christians and Muslims in the affairs of the state.

Obalowu Omotayo Jagun stated this at the weekend in an interview with newsmen.  

In his words "It is only God that gives and takes position, he elects and dethrones princes and God has made it possible for those ones to be successful, they must be truthful in their dealings with the people and most importantly they should remember to be fair to all faith.

“When they are fair to all and sundry they will automatically continue to be victorious and successful in all that they do no matter the opposition or challenge on their way.   
“They should also strive to do good at all times because nobody is perfect except 'Olodumare'. It is only by being fair to everyone and placing the welfare of the people above their personal gains that their tenure will be successful,” he said.
Oba Olorisa also reminded them to be conscious of the fact that they will one day give account of their stewardship before God and as such urged them to always strive to do good and never evil.

He also called on the people of the state to give their utmost support to the newly elected leaders so that they will become successful and the state will be better for it.

Speaking on the issue of traditionalists in the state, Obalowu urged the incoming government to involve traditionalists in the scheme of things. “Whenever there is a prayer and the other two faiths are called, traditionalists should not be left behind. 

"We are not enemies with people of other faiths because they are our products. If you observe, we don't fight them, they fight us. We believe God has created us all and we don't begrudge anyone on what he or she chose to believe.

“We believe only 'Olodumare' can change things for good and prayer is one of the ways to tender our request to Olodumare. Success is by prayers and not by might we also believe that only prayers can change things for good in our society.

“Orisas are neither gods nor God they are messengers. Ogun, Obatala, Sango, Oya and others are not gods they are intermediaries between us and Olodumare,” he said.

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