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Revealed: Abdulrahman may withdraw from Kwara APC gubernatorial race

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, APC Gubernatorial Candidate in Kwara State 

…Fumes over members financial request

By Olayinka Yusuf

The All Progressives Congress (APC) anointed gubernatorial candidate of
the Bolarinwa Omolaja’s faction in Kwara State, Abdulrahman Abdulrasak
may already have causes to regret his decision to bear the party’s flag at
the forth coming 2019 general elections following the manner at which
party elders and stakeholders in the state are closing up on him with
unspeakable financial demands that are not in any way related to the
electioneering processes.

A source close to the factional APC members and the gubernatorial
candidate, though seeks anonymity confirmed the development to this
medium recently.

The source explained that the oil magnate is seriously fuming as he can no
longer catches his breath peacefully owning to several financial demands
from almost all the individuals connected to his faction in the state.

According to the source, Abdulrahman, while jostling for his precious ticket
under the platform, promised the party’s leadership and some identified
cabals controlling the party’s affairs from Lagos state and Abuja (FCT)
respectively, that ones he is blessed with the ticket, he will single-handedly
finance his entire electioneering process and that of other aspirants vying
for several elective positions under his platform without having any need to
request for a dime from the party’s national account for such purposes.

The source explained that the fall out of Abdulrahman’s hasty promises are
the overwhelming and unending financial demands coming from all
directions within and outside his team which presently seems like a
herculean task for the billionaire.

The source confided in this medium that most of party elders close to the
international contractor turned politician, especially a legal practitioner in
the state (name withheld) have always acted in a manner suggesting that

Abdulrahman could be a good source of income for them having
established his keen interest to clinch the factional party ticket and
subsequently win the forth coming election using all possible means and as
such money should be extracted from him directly at the expense of
aspirants which he once promised to support financially.

However, it was also confirmed that aside few contenders that were
forcefully withdrew from the guber race for Abdulrahman and compensated,
no single aspirant vying for any elective positions in the state have been
given a dime to commence their campaign process as promised due to
swelling daily demands leaving most of them in complete disarray.

The source revealed that some House of Assembly aspirants under the
platform were also denied their civic right to be voted for having being
ordered to withdraw from the contest after purchasing their nomination and
expression of interest forms by their supposed Kwara State APC leader,
Alhaji Lai Mohammed for some selected candidates in the state.

The source narrated how the aspirants have met with the party’s
reconciliation committee on several occasion with a view of expressing
their grievances to the leadership of the party who have reneged on their
promises of equal representation while wooing members to remain in the
party following the heavy defection that hits the party.

As part of resolutions, the source said, the aggrieved aspirants are
requesting for their snatched mandates or refund of their hard earned
money used in the purchase of their forms respectively, but neither the
state party chairman, Bolarinwa Omolaja nor the billionaire guber aspirant
Abdulrahman Abdulrasak are ready to give them or other aspirants any
reasonable audience on the position of a possible refund or likelihood of
any form of sponsorship of any aspirant as promised.

The source said Abdulrahman has continuously insinuated that the state
party elders and stakeholders are making overwhelming financial demands
from him and already constituting nuisance to him, added that it won’t be a
surprise if the oil mogul decide to pull out of the guber race before the
general election proper commences as a result of frustrating and unending
financial demands and pressure from his party members in and outside the state
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