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Keeping healthy and respectful home

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How can a home be healthy, what does it takes to make a home healthy? A healthy home or otherwise reflects in the characters of the entire family. It's globally known that what ever a child is thought at home will surely be part of his or her life time.

This shows that the parents characters has a long way to go in the life of the children,   it's a known fact that the children must have at least half of their parents characters and behaviours, if a girl is disrespectful to her, it could be easily traced back to her parents.

A man that beats up his wife in front of the children will surely end up separating the family in an untimely manner. The son might also grow up to become a woman molester and bully, it is that simple.

There are some vital things that need to be done if a home needs to stay healthy.
The first thing in making a home healthy and orderly is for the parent most especially the father to be financially responsible.

A man that does not financially satisfy his family will face the music. He risk the chance of been disrespected at all time and even his children might start to learn how to steal from others and even their parents.

The second consideration for a healthy family is to give proper attention, children generally when growing up needs undivided attention from their parent most especially the girl child.

For example a girl whose parent always travels and are left in the care of maid for weeks or even months in their young age with no proper sex education apart from the one being taught in school might end up getting into the hands of the wrong friends or even be molested and later turned into someone that will not be useful for herself or her family and even the society at large.

Responsible parent should always give their children attention in order to identify where they are having problems and help provide parental solutions. Parents shouldn't always think that every thing will be taught in schools, they should cultivate the habit of helping their children educationally, spiritually and morally.

Fun times with the family should also be considered, a father that wants to have a healthy family should be ready to know more about his family, he should have a time when he will go out with is family, visit the cinemas, go to the beach and the likes even if it's once in a week this helps make a family bond stronger, and in a way showing their male child how to make their family bond stronger and when they get married they can follow their fathers foot steps.

Some men don't believe in helping their wives, most especially with house chores, but sharing responsibilities help make family bond tighter. When a man wakes up in the morning along side his wife there is nothing wrong in helping her bath the children so that the work load won't be much on her.

Also, in the aspect of financing the family,  some men insist that their wife shouldn't work,  some believe that if they do they will cheat on them not minding the work load and sometimes the salary he collects either its sufficient enough for the family or not.

Men like this should try to apply trust and understanding in their relationship yso as to give their wife the opportunity to help them in financing the family after all it was stated in the holy books that husband and wife are created to help each other, the Yorubas' also said "OLURANLOWO LAJE FUN ARAWA" meaning we are helper to each other. It makes love stronger if husband and wife help each other in all aspect, it will also serve as a lesson to the children and they will take after them.

A woman that is not allowed to express herself in a relationship might end up having a very low self-esteem, if a woman is made to feel like she is just a child bearer in a family and the husband does not give her a say over the children for instance , she is not allowed to correct the child when ever they did something wrong the child grows up and ends up with a bad behaviour, the father will not be blamed by the society but the mother will receive the blame, for a family bond to be stronger, both parent need to have a say over their children and give appropriate correction.

It's important to give the children their right of expression also at least in few things this also help strengthens the family bond. For instance, as a father, having decided that they want to go and spend the weekend somewhere and you suddenly changed your mind and stopped them from the visitation, they will see that father as been unfair and not trustworthy for not keeping to his words. 

It might also reduce the respect they have for him as a father. These are things necessary in homes to keep it healthy and respectful. Also freedom of expression is important in order to have a loving and united family. To be continued…

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