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Atunwa splashes 1m on women association in Kwara

…Promises 35 percent women inclusion  

Olayinka Yusuf

The gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji
Abdulrasak Atunwa has reiterated his commitment to the inclusion of substantial
number of women in his government when elected as the next governor of Kwara
state come 2019.

Atunwa gave this assurance during a meeting with the Kwara state chapter of the
National Council of Women Society (NCWS) at his residence in G.R.A Ilorin,
Kwara State capital on Saturday.

He splashes a sum of N1m to support the activities of the women groups in the
state and to also express readiness to work with them now and come 2019 when
elected as the governor of Kwara state.

In his opening remarks at the meeting, Atunwa said, he’s not amongst those that
subscribe to the idea of relegating women to the kitchen at home or just leaving
them with the responsibility of taking care of house chores, added that women’s
role needs to be appreciated and has certainly gone beyond house keeping duties.

In his words said “Women roles are beyond taking care of the homes, women
should not be secondary to men. It is high time we make public the qualities and
impact of women in our society. When people form government they tend to get
carried away by believing its only men that can do the administrative work,
women can also do it. I think its time we start changing that culture and narratives
“We must allow our women to participate fully in the public administration. I
have currently initiated my campaign canvassers and I have said it will
accommodate at least two women.
“Women have an active role to play in politics, they are strong influencers and
always steadfast in their roles. Men can be volatile while women can be patient
and trusted because they exhibit strong believe in their cause”

He further explained that women’s role in politics leading to development of the
state cannot be over emphasized and they should be given utmost respect and
chance to participate in nation building, policy making and its implementations
without any form of intimidation.

“As for me, my believe is that we must continue to hold women in high esteem in
the society, having said that, it’s important for women not to allow men continue
to dictate the narratives for them without having the chance to input their quota
in their ways”

Atunwa promised to ensure women inclusiveness in his administration when
elected as the next governor of Kwara state by infusing at least more than 35
percent of women in his cabinet.

“I will have sizeable women in my administration; I will have women in position
of authority and in my cabinet. I will try to do more than the 35 percent the
women groups in the state have asked for when I make my government next year.

“There is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot do, I don’t subscribe to
putting women in a second place in the society, women don’t mean less in the
society, I don’t subscribe to that philosophy and will always respect women.

“I therefore pledge my support for the women society that visited me. I promise to
support them with series of offer to participate in public life, empowerment
and entrepreneurship. I also promise them inclusiveness in my government when
I start work as the governor of Kwara state considering the 35 percent inclusiveness
request across board”

Earlier at the meeting, speaking with National Moonlight, The Commissioner
for Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajia Taibat Ahmed said, the women
council in the state has agreed at the meeting to throw their weight and support
for the PDP governorship aspirant come 2019 as an interest group in the state.

The Commissioner also reiterated Atunwa’s commitment to the quality inclusion
of women in his administration come 2019.

She said the agitation of women in governance will further see a new face under
the administration of Atunwa and subsequently her office will be used as an
avenue to reach out positively to larger women in Kwara state.      

In response, the president of the Christian Women Association of Nigeria, Kwara
state, Prophetess Bosede Adimabua, who spoke on behalf of the association than
ked Atunwa for deeming it necessary to acknowledge the existence and
importance of women in the society through the invitation.

She said women are the salt of life and should be treated as important as men in
all ramifications in the society

Adimabua said there are women with good track record in Kwara state government
who have served under various administrations and moved the state forward due
to their dedication, efficiency and trust, advised that Atunwa should ensure he
continue the women inclusiveness nature of the state government when he resume
s work as the governor of Kwara state in 2019.

Also speaking on behalf of the Muslim Women Community in Kwara state, the
Amirah of FOMWAN, Hajia Maimuna Shehu, lauded the gubernatorial aspirant’s
pledges to inculcate sizeable number of women in to his administration when
elected as the next governor of the state, adding that the entire Muslim women
society is solidly behind him.

She urges the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members to remain resolute and
support the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, and Honourable Abdulrasak
Atunwa before and during the forth coming 2019 general elections in the Kwara

However, no fewer than 150 women associations in Kwara state were present at
the meeting; amongst them are Christian Women Associations, Muslims Women
Association, Wife of Immigration Officer Associations, Wife of Police Officers
Associations, Wife of Federal Road Safety Officers Association, Windows
Associations, Wife of Local Government Employee Association, etc.

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