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Stadium Underpass Bridge needs urgent attention

Taiwo Underpass

By Yusuf Olayinka | +2348104324495

The resident of Tawio-Oke in Ilorin metropolis has come out with an appeal to the state government to come to their rescue and profer lasting solution to the reoccurring total blockage of the TawioOke underpass adjacent Eruda junction which is usually submerged with water whenever it rains.

Recalled there was a mild and prolonged down pour in Ilorin at the early hours of last Thursday which led to the complete blockage of the under pass disallowing any forms of passage.

Moonlight Metro spoke with some motorists that usually ply the road and they expressed shock and disappointments over the condition of the road each time it rains. They explained that unfortunately the under pass was constructed in such a way that until one approaches the sloppy bend, it's almost impossible to know that it has been overtaken and completely waterlogged especially at night.

Segun Fakunle, a commercial taxi driver we found struggling with his Taxi after running into stagnment water at the under pass said, he was only hopeful that he could manage his way out of the water when the rain reduces but unfortunately he got stucked in the middle as his car automatically tripped off and had to push it back to banks with pass angers inside.

Fakunle said if not left with the option of changing his car engine completely then he would be spending almost all his personal savings to have his Taxi running back, decrying the situation to poor planning on the part of those that constructed the underpass not to have considered a serious raining condition in the area at all.

Residence also lamented on the dangerous conditions of the underpass each time it rains. KehindeJiddah, explains to Moonlight Metro that the manner at which the under pass has been taken over by the stagnant water doesn't only pose threat to motorist and other road users but a greater danger for the bridge itself, because water as we all know has greater power to weaken almost anything and it's only a matter of time before the bridge would completely collapse if necessary measures are not taken to end the water logging of the under pass.

In his analysis, he explained that the construction plans must have been faulty considering the way about three slopes were directed to meet underneath the under pass without erecting any form of large drainage system  that would prevent water from settling underneath the bridge.

The slope coming from Taiwo-Oke/Eruda area and the road leading to stadium gate with the one from Royals Fast Food Shop all flows straight down to the under pass with a little form of shallow side drainages that led to no effective outlets which seems to be the major  problem of the under pass.

Residence of  the area have describe the condition of the underpass bridge as an eye sore on the appropriate authorities for a lasting solution through provision of effective drainage system before the stagnant water destroys the roads and the bridge itself and before it starts to claim lives of innocent road users that ply the route.

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