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MOONLIGHT METRO: Kere community in agony over total blackout

Some of the Kere residents carrying placards begging the government for provision of transformers and other social amenities

Yusuf Olayinka

Group under the auspices of Adunbarin Community Development Association (ACDA) have called on His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed to urgently come to the rescue of their community by providing necessary infrastructure and basic social amenities that would make life pleasant and comfortable for the residences.
Kere community is located at Ogidi area, along OkoOlowo in Ilorin South Local Government Area and belong to Akanbi ward 5 with more than 2500 inhabitants both new and old landlords residing in the locality.
Over the years, Kere community has expanded widely due to the influx of people from different areas across and outside the state. Surprisingly, residents are living in extreme hardship and abject, poverty which has continued to deteriorate to unbearable limits.
The plight of this arable community that hosted one of long standing technical colleges established years ago, though already in dilapidated conditions and a College of Education founded by Imam Hamza remains in absolute lack of social and basic amenities such as good roads, portable water supply, good health care services, standard primary and secondary school facilities and majorly electricity transformers that would supply power directly to the entire community.
This lack of essential facilities in Kere community has lingered for years and have practically succeeded in hindering the visible growth and development of almost every notable activity attached to the community leaving one in total confusion and disbelief that as resolute and dedicated as the Kwara State government has remained in the area of energy and power distribution to the entire state, communities like Kere in Ogidi area are still living in total darkness, owing to the lack of transformers to supply  electricity to residents.
However, in a bid to put the unbearable situation to a final stop and make the government lend quick helping hands to alleviate their suffering, the community, under the umbrella of Adunbarin Community Development Association (ACDA), a union of both old, young, men and women explained a lot to this medium, part of which was that they have decided to come together and haven filed several complaints to the Executive governor of Kwara State and also to the Senate President through their various offices since 2016 till date stating the urgent need of basic social amenities in their communit. However, till date, none of those sever,al letters directed to both leaders have produced any reasonable result.
According to the general secretary of the association, Mr. SaaduSarafadeen Gold while briefing this medium during their regular community and stakeholders meetings at the dilapidated Technical College building in Kere Community which they use as their secretariat, Kere community is seriously lagging behind and the growth hasn't seized for the past 15 years. The community has expanded but we are seriously living in hardship, we don't have transformers that would supply us electricity and we have forwarded series of letters to Governor Ahmed and the Senate President but nothing  positive has come forth since we tabled our request to them till date. Our plight is painful, Kere community is not even a village, it's just off the road leading to the city but we are been treated as if we are a village.
“We don't have primary schools in our community; we don't have medical facilities and water supply. Our only source of manageable water is almost 10 kilometers away and it's highly stressful walking down to those streams or using vehicles to gothe distance and fetch water”.
He said that as a way of expressing readiness and dedication to enjoy good life in the community, they unanimously bought some plots of land for the construction of a befitting medical center. They also contributed and bought electricity poles with the hope of receiving transformers as promised by the state government but up till date all their aspiration hasn't yielded any good as the community is growing in shortage of essential amenities.
Mr. Gold explained that several inspection teams has been sent to Kere community to take necessary inspection on behalf of the government but nothing positive came after the visit. The lack of electricity in the community is also contributing to the fast depression rate of the Technical College as most of their equipments that uses electricity have been pulled out of the laboratories leaving the entire classes completely deserted and unkempt.
In addition, the secretary said the community does not have a single polling booth and during elections they would have to leave the house and go to nearby town just to perform their constitutional right.
The Magaji of Kere community, Mr. Ibrahim Fulani who was also at the community meeting said he has being living in the community for more than 45 years with the expectation of improvement considering the continuous expansion of houses as a result of the influx of people. He said the government should please come to their rescue to provide needed facilities such as schools that would enable them have good education.
Another resident, Madam AtolagbeAgbarere reemphasizes the need for electricity in a developed community like theirs. She said all the borehole water systems in the community are no longer functioning and all roads leading to Kere community are totally damaged.
The entire people of Kere community is however calling on the Kwara State government to quickly come to their aid and help them secure a good and comfortable life so that they can also boast to have benefitted from the dividends of democracy.
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