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MOONLIGHT METRO : Dramatic tales of a traffic warden

Opeyemi Taiwo controlling traffic at Lajonrin junction, Offa road, Ilorin

Usman Mariam

Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well, such is the case of AkinyemiOpeyemiTaiwo a graduate of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital school where he studied orthopedic plaster technology, he did all he could to get a white collar job but he was unlucky, he took it upon himself to control the traffic at Maraba junction where there is always gridlock, he starts as early as 5.30am in the morning and leaves when the traffic officials assigned to that location resumes.

According to him, he said he started doing this after he had a dream of controlling the traffic. The starting point was when he met traffic gridlock at Maraba area while he was coming from school and he controlled it and surprisingly motorist complied.

He discovered his present location when he couldn't manage the Maraba junction anymore, because traffic officials assigned to the location resume earlier than he anticipated. The Lajorin junction, Offa road where Taiwo usually control is a haven for government Officials and   students of the St. Anthony secondary school, Cherubim and Seraphim College, seraphim Primary School and David Akintola Secondary School. He picked interest in the human angle and considered controlling traffic around 7.30 am in the morning and 2.00 pm in the afternoon, when the rush is at its climax.

Taiwo who is a citizen of Kwara State started controlling traffic with the motive of contributing to the growth of his State, he said he usually trek on most days from  Zango area where he resides to Maraba where he once controls traffic and once in a while he gets lift from his residence to his duty point, Luck Shone on him in the year 2014, when he met with the Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed who came to inspect Ministries and Government Offices around that area, the governor noticed him and ordered that he should see him, he gave him automatic appointment  into the Kwara State Road Traffic  Management Authority (KWARTMA). 

Opeyemi Taiwo on duty
Since he started, motorist complied with his instruction but some were not satisfied with his ways, according to him, a woman drove close to him and told him, why are you doing this rubbish who sent you, find better things to do if you are unemployed. She drove away, leaving him under the hot sun to continue with the traffic duty, other motorists encouraged him by telling him not to bother about whatever the woman must have said. The woman was later among the first ten people to congratulate him on his appointment.

Taiwo was not supported at the initial stage by his family, then expected him to be upright and be a role model to his younger ones as the first child of the family, in his words, he said no sane family would support a futile endeavor, but he persevered because he believes there is light at the end of the tunnel, they were finally happy after the governor of the state noticed him. He became the role model they expected him to be, love found him after he got the job, the AraromiOpin indigene got married after he got the job.

There has never been a job without its own challenges, Taiwo spoke about how scorching the sun can be, especially in the afternoon, but since the job is his passion, he has not complaining, he also spoke about some motorist not complying despite seeing clear signs that he controls the traffic in that axis, when asked about the scar on his forehead, he explained that it was sustained through a life threatening accident that nearly claimed his life.
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