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Maolud Nabiyy, not controversial – Clergies

By IsiaqAlafinju

An Ilorin based Islamic Scholar, Alhaji Abdullahi Alawuyan and the chief Imam of Taiwo, Imam Muhammad Lawal Babatunde, has explained that there is no contradiction in the celebration of Maolud Nabbiyy in Nigeria.

The duo stated this while speaking with news men during the 2018 annual maolud nabbiyy celebration organized by Sheikh, Dr. Suleiman Isiaq
Amura at Akodudu Ilorin, on Saturday.

On his part, Alhaji Alawuyan warned those against the celebration of the birth of the prophet (SAW) to desist from the preaching against the wish of the prophet.
He described the act as ignorant and aimed at causing crisis in the society, pointing out that their forefathers' also celebrate the birth of the prophet (SAW).

Also speaking Imam Taiwo, Imam Muhammad LawalBabatunde noted that there is no any strong proof of evidence that goes against MaoludNabbiyyi celebration.
He challenged those against the celebration to stop beating around the bush and bring out evidence to back up their points.

The Imam confirmed that maolud is been celebrated all over the world, stressing that it's only few ignorant Nigerians, who claimed to be devoted Muslims that are going against it.

He congratulates the organizer of the colourful and successful event, prayed Allan to keep them to witness more of it.

In his Thanksgiving speech, the organizer and knowledge Jama'atulZuuAmurullahi (AseOlohun) Society of Nigeria, Sheikh, Dr. Suleiman Isiaq Amura said their propaganda against Maolud Nabbiyy celebration can't intimidate them to stop the marking of the prophet birthday.

The academia and clergy explained that there is nothing to be worry about in the celebration, adding that he is a doctor and has traveled far around the world.

He clarified that Maolud Nabbiyy celebration is not meant for money, rather for prophet Muhammad birth remembrance, and h would celebrate it till the end.

The founder advised Muslims to always seek both western and Islamic education knowledge before preaching at any religious event.

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