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Chelsea's dream: Life hope or dead hope

Opeyemi Daniel

We are getting three points in every game. Our opponents are dropping points. But our future is not in our hands. We have to try, though. We have to try to get three points to put pressure on the teams ahead of us. This word is coming from the manager of Chelsea Football Club Antoine Conte.
Chelsea are winning matches and getting the maximum points actually, but their future is certainly not in their hands just as Conte said.
There was a time it was at their fingertips when they played Tottenham at Stamford Bridge but they allowed it to slip away after gotten beaten 3 goals to 1 before their fans, putting themselves under a no hope situation.
But suddenly, the no hope situation of then has not turned into a hopeful situation, the hope of qualifying for the Champions League next year is now open and the drama and the tensed nature of English Premier League have begun again.
Earlier, the competitiveness of the league was lost with the Manchester City dominance, leading their closest rival, Manchester City with a very wide margin any football fan could not think of.
I could remember that one of the beauty of the league is that the winner would fight and struggle till almost the final match in the season before they can be crowned the champion.
But now, the beauty has taken another dimension, though the champion has been decided early enough, Liverpool and Tottenham who are in third and fourth position respectively are in the trouble water because their top four finish and UCL qualification is not sealed.
The blues are also hoping and working towards making it because their ouster from the top too is not totally sealed.
We now have three teams jostling not for the league but for the top four spot as the qualifications of the Manchester rivals are already a reality.
Can this hope be a life one? it is very difficult to achieve it is absolutely not in their hands but in the hands of their London rival and Liverpool,
The chance became opened following the Reds recent defeat in the hands of Chelsea, but as open as it may be, it still remain a very difficult feat for Chelsea to attain.
Conte could be under pressure of losing his job at the end of the season but I know if he could do this for Chelsea, it will be a very strong reason for him to be retained.
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