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Offa Bank Robbery: How did we descend to Barbarism?

By Lanre Osho

Tragedy struck last three weeks in Offa local government of Kwara State, as nine police officers were
reportedly killed by armed robbers according to the Inspector General of Police (IG) who said Nigeria Police
loss nine police officers to the Offa bank robbery, this is an event that will never be forgotten by both the
Nigeria Police and the people Offa, because more than fifty life were lost according to Offa Local Government
Vigilante Group.

The armed robbers were said to have attacked five banks, in an operation that lasted for two hours targeting
an earlier received huge amount of money by one of the banks that very day, according to an eye witness who
also disclosed that the gang numbering 15, stormed Offa that afternoon shooting into the air, after killing about
five police officers at the Owode police station near one of the banks, it is a shocking and despicable descent
into condemnable barbarism.

The unfortunate incident grounded all social and commercial activities in the whole Offa town for over two
hours, residents living close to these banks had to run to safety during the operation, while those who did not
run for dear life had themselves to blame; according to the eyewitnesses, people that were watching the
robbers during the operation were shot at and some got killed in the process, because they hauled stones at
the robbers, more than fifty people were said to have been killed during this shooting.

It is sadden that robbers operated for two hours, and our security personnel couldn't get at least one of them
arrested for a lead to the others, and make them face the wrath of the law.

The perpetrators must not go unpunished they must be arrested and brought to book; they must be made as
scapegoats for other potential robbers.
This Offa robbery as become an embarrassment to our security operatives and shows that the life of over 140
million Nigeria are in danger, it shows that we don't have adequate security in Nigeria, it also exposed the levels
of our security in Nigeria.  It is ridiculous that our security could not communicate their Ilorin Police
headquarters to request for a helicopter to track down the robbers for two hours during the operation, it is time
for our security to step up their strategies to curb the insecurity in our country, because the security of our
country is not something that anybody can toy with, it should be paramount to our leaders.

Without security, nothing can be done and no foreign investor will come to our country and establish any
company in an insecure environment, government need to spend more money in our security sector, the
security of our people must be a priority to our government nothing could be done or improve without security,
three factors have contributed to our insecurity in this country.

Corruption is the bane of our security in Nigeria, the money that is meant for arms and ammunition was being
looted by some group of people that are not up to 20 percent of our population.

For Nigeria to move forward, corruption must be dealt with seriously, it should not be handled with a kid glove;
if corruption in our security sector is not dealt with the country won't move forward.

Government have a big role to play in ensuring that the welfare of our police officers are well taken cared,
including their uniform, it was revealed that Nigeria police are sewing their uniform by themselves including buy
ing their shoes, government have to provide these for them, we even learnt that the paltry tolls they collect on
the road are used to fuel their patrol vehicle, there is no way they will not engage in corruption, when
government can't give them money for fuel , it is the masses, the Nigeria Police will arrest that will pay for their
fuel and even service the engine of their patrol vehicles.

If government can look into these areas and make available all the above mentioned for our security officers,
Nigeria will be great and our security officer will work diligently and protect life and properties without
requesting for anything from our people, there welfare is very important for our government to take very
serious to move the country forward.

Nigeria need CCTV camera in all the banks to curb this high rate of crime that is growing in our society, if
government can provide CCTV camera, the crime rate will be reduced, because it will enable our security to
trace and monitor crime in our society, our country have all what it takes to be great , no excuses, we have the
capacity and money to provide all necessary for our security to curb the menace of insecurity in our society, it is
time to stop excuses and provide basic needs for security personnel for us to move forward as a country.

Offa bank robbery is very barbaric and must be condemned; in a decent society like ours, the perpetrator must
be apprehended to face the wrath of the law, they must not go scot free to curb the repetition of such an

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed in his response, condemned the act and promise that anybody that have the
useful information, that can lead to the arrest of the robbers will receive N5million Naira, and also make
provision to pay the bills of all citizens that was injured, while promising that the culprits will not go unpunished,
the state government have make a good step that must be applauded but this speech must be followed by
action immediately.

The question many people are asking, is how did we get here?  A country of over fifty years still battling
insecurity, it is ridiculous and embarrassing us as the biggest country in Africa, we must step up our security
personnel and equip them with all necessary gadgets for them to protect our life and property.

Our country can overcome all these challenges if, citizens are ready to exposed any criminal suspect around us,
if we can do these everybody will fear each other and our country will be secured, because the security of our
Nation is everybody's concern and not security personnel alone, it is a collective effort without which we will
never move forward.

In his response the Olofa of Offa, Oba Mufutau Gbadamos Esuwoye, said “those who perpetrated the evil have
saddened and inflicted pain on us but they cannot break our spirit, I assure you that those behind this wicked
act will be apprehended and brought to justice this is a fact not fallacy.“

I believe that no sinner will go un punished and also believe the law of Kamah that says he who killed by the
sword, shall die by it, I believe in what Ollofa said, the perpetrator should never go unpunished and brought to
book to face the wrath of the law.

With the deployment of Abba Kyari, a gallant officer, of high integrity and personal moral standard, the officer
that nail and caged “Evans” the richest kidnapper in Lagos, the same police officer that arrested “Vanpire”
the notorious kidnapper that terrorized the South East and South-South region of Nigeria, even the kidnappers
that threaten to kill Governor Rochass Okorocha in Imo were arrested and killed during gun battle with “Abba
Kyari and his squad in rivers state, the same officer that arrested “Alaka” the notorious leader of “Badoo” cult in
Ikorodu, Lagos, Abba Kyar is a gallant and respected police officer; with his deployment to Offa, I believe in few
days time the robbers will be arrested and prosecuted in the court of Law, they won't go unpunished, they will
be arrested and once they were arrested, this robbery incident will not repeat itself again, enough is enough, we
must stand up and fight the insecurity in our society a crime free society is a peaceful society.

In his condolence visit, the Senate President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bukola Saraki condemned the act,
and called for proactive security measure to curb the menace of insecurity in our country, charge the police
officer in the state not to let the situation repeat itself any longer in the state. He also called for vigilante by the
people of the state to expose and report any suspicious movement to the nearby police station.

The statement is good and encouragement to the Kwara State Police, particularly Commissioner of Police, “
Lawal Ado” to step up security measures in our state and the situation must not repeat itself in the state.
Life of the masses must not be wasted by robbers rather it must be protected, it is the responsibilities of the
police to protect life and property, while government must provide all the necessary support for them to work
perfectly and curb, if not totally eradicate insecurity in our society.

I sympathized with the Olofa of Offa over the loss of life of his people, may God almighty give Olofa and the
entire people of Offa the fortitude to bear the loss, may the incident not repeat itself again.

In his reaction, at his palace, the Olofa also called for state police, he urge the federal government to establish
the state police across Nigeria to eradicate insecurity in the state, there is no doubt, the issues of state police
has generated a lot of controversy in Nigeria, a lot of debate have gone on it, over the state police, just recently,
the vice President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Osinbajo at these year security submit said, Nigeria can no
longer control police at Abuja, that our population has grown we need state police, that will be closer to the
people, understand their languages and exposed any criminal and handed them over to the Federal police,
without that he said, we will continued confronting with the challenges of insecurity in our country.

I totally agreed with the Vice president and the Olofa of Offa for state police, our population has grown so we
need policing from community to state, nobody trust each other, we need a police officer that will be closer to
the people, understand their languages and cultures, though some people are against the creation of state
police because they felt it will be used for political gain, that our country is not ripe for state police, this I kick

In any advantage, there is disadvantage, do we say because state police, will be used against political opponent,
we should continue have the challenges of insecurity and people's life should continue to be wasted for nothing
sake, it is absorbed and immoral to let people's life be wasted for nothing sake, is judiciary not used for
immorality or illegality? And we are still getting justices; do we say because a judge convicts somebody in error,
we will abolish the judiciary? Totally no, what we need to do is to do constitutional amendments and change our
mind set that is all.

Once again, I sympathize with the people of Offa, Nigeria police and particularly the Olofa of Offa, Oba Mufutau
Gbadamasi Esuwoye II,
Offa oni baje oo.
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