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When the idea to float a news medium was initially birthed some years ago, little did it dawn on those instrumental to the process of its establishment that something good was going to come out of Nazareth in no distant years.
Obviously, the journey  started like a dream when the founder first pondered on what he could manage to do with his available widow's mite to fight the cause of his fellow men by helping to use the tabloid to disseminate information on various developmental strides of the governments in the saddle in Kwara State and beyond, provided that the intention and the aims of those at the helm of affairs are replica of the progressives.
However, when the project finally got off the ground on the 14th of March, 2014, the race was hectic as it was not without its ups and downs. But for the resilient attitude of the man behind the scene, the work still forged ahead. The reason being the paucity of funds.
As time went by, the need to employ more hands to add to the tempo of the already impressive exploits of then pioneer staff in the journey of newspapering at a single room office by then became necessary. This was to be able to meet up the needs of the sudden increase in its readership. By then, lack of wherewithal to source for funds to ensure smooth running of the organization almost constituted a cog in the wheel of hitherto successful operation of the industry.
By all standard, the proprietor cum Editor-in-Chief of National Moonlight, the first free newspaper on the shore of Kwara and the neighboring states, Alhaji Sulyman Toyin Olokoba, is a man of vision whose philosophy is totally alien to backing down on aspiration in the face of threatening life challenges. All these, however, did not deter him from painstakingly pursuing his tall vision with all vigour   it deserves but he was instead compellingly propelled by the desire and determination to succeed and then mounted up with relentless effort, the various odds of life which he needed to contend with to source for funds for the smooth operation of the newspaper industry.
Interestingly, today the endurance as well as the hard work exacted by the entire management and staff of the company has paid off. This is because everyone among benefactors has a lot of success story to tell today. One of such stories is the fact that the paper has been able to carve a niche for itself in the area of objectivity in news reportage of various events, whether in government circles or otherwise.
By and large, the paper has done creditably well, if not all, in its possible best to keep members of the public abreast of societal events in its bit by bit coverage of the sequence of developmental projects as well as various poverty alleviation and eradication programmes of the Kwara State Government.
Not only that, the tabloid has also spread its tentacles on the agencies of government, the peculiarity that has endeared it to some of the said agencies in the state and beyond. For instance, Moonlight is currently in partnership with the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS), to help the service to project and showcase its various social responsibility projects across the sixteen Local Governments of the state to the public.
Moreover, the management of the paper is aspiring to ensure that every t is crossed and that every i is dotted by recently acquiring its new corporate head office at GRA, as part of efforts for expansion. These and many more are the achievements of the paper in the last four years of its existence.
In a nutshell, in the years ahead, by God's Grace, with human and material cum financial resources at its beck and call, the sky will be the beginning of the National Moonlight newspaper's success story in news reportage.

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