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Police rescues suspect from angry mobs at Challenge Phone Market in Ilorin

By Opeyemi Daniel

Men of Nigeria Police Force in Ilorin have lived up to expectations by rescuing an alleged thief from being beaten and battered by angry mobs in Ilorin recently.
This happened in basking afternoon at Challenge area in Ilorin over the weekend. The suspect identified as Lookman Ibrahim stole a BlackBerry phone and try to sell it to phone dealers at Challenge.

When asked to provide the receipt of the phone, he dropped it and took to his heel, he was been chased but fortunately ran into the hands of some police men who saved him, and prevent the mobs from taking law into their hands.

In an interaction with NATIONAL MOONLIGHT, one of the dealers disclosed that they were doing their business when the man brought the phone. "It was a BlackBerry phone, saying he wanted to sell it and use the money for an urgent need. And as our usual habit in Challenge, we don't buy phone without getting the required details about it or confirmthat it is not a stolen phone, because that is the order from our association.

So we asked for the receipt, and he said he was the original owner but he found it on his way, we saw a missed call on the screen and as we asked to call the number to confirm, he removed the SIM card and began to chew it. All of a sudden, he left the phone with us and started running away. We ran after him, and passersby also joined us, but luckily for him, he ran into the hands of the police, he was rescued and taken into their custody for law to take its course" he said.

In an interrogation with Ibrahim, he pleaded not guilty, claiming that he was not a thief but only came across the phone accidentally while in a taxi and he picked it up to sell so that he can use the money to settle his bill.
Since there is no substantial evidence to his claim, the police disregarded his plea and promise to begin investigation on the matter to get to the root.
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