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Jurist calls for proper manning of Nigerian boarders to check herdsmen/ farmers clash

A Retired Jurist, Justice Abdullahi Idris Haroun has called on the Federal Government to rise up to its  responsibility of properly manning the nation's boarders by competent personnel so as to check illegal immigrates particularly herdsmen from other neighboring countries both at day and night.
According to him, most of the nation's boarders are so porous that allows illegal immigrants into the country as most of them have questionable characters and do not have  relevant traveling documents and even do not even wish the country well.
Justice Haroun , a former  Grand Khadi of the Kwara State  Sharia Court of Appeal made these observations in Ilorin , the state capital during an interview with newsmen in Ilorin while reacting to the recent rampant killings by suspected FULANI herdsmen and clashes among them, farmers and residents of various communities.
Justice Haroun said such illegal immigrants cause had caused havocs to the unity, peace and coexistence of the Nigerian people and warned that if not checked , Nigerians would continue to live in an atmosphere of crimes and criminality .
He stated that different tribes as well as the Fulani herdsmen  and their cattle  had lived together since time immemorial without crises and wondered why the present uprising is now taken an extremely dangerous dimension which according to him, needed urgent intervention of government as well as the entire citizenry.  
The jurist disclosed that any nation that plans any developmental  programme, has to do it holistically  by carrying the youths along and not develop a segment and ignore others  which might at the end of the day, end up as a mirage lamenting that most Nigerian youths are left unguided.
Justice Haroun recalled that the introduction of the nomadic education for the nomads by the government was a nice and a welcome development , but said the programme was not widely felt and not well pursued across the country.
According to him , if the nomadic education  programme was adequately implemented , the crises among the various communities and that of the herdsmen and the farmers would not have arisen or degenerated to this alarming and tragic level.
The jurist also urged the Federal Government to investigate and probe into the sources of sophisticated weapons such as AK4 riffles used by the suspected herdsmen wondering that such weapons could only be handled by trained and enlightened people. 
Justice Haroun who is the Proprietor of Al-Mawrid (Foundation) International College, Ilorin, disclosed that in advanced or civilized countries , a portion of land is carved out for rearing cattle adding that both the farmers , the herdsmen and other categories of Nigerians need each other for mutual benefits as life can not be disengaged from one another. 
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