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Lantern starts fire at Oja-Oba

By Olayinka Sulyman

A resident of  Oja-Oba area of Ilorin sustained a face burn and loss of property in a fire outbreak that occurred in her bid to light her lantern.

AlhajaTaiyeAluko, who was the victim of the accident said “I came back home late in the night and sent one of my neighbor’s Kerosene to light up my lantern and after pouring it inside I picked up a match stick to light it up and as I was about put the fire in the lantern, the fire exploded in my face”.

“The incident caught me by surprise because it was Kerosene I sent the little girl, I don’t understand why it had to explode in my face and destroy my property. I was the only one at home and after it happened, I didn’t know my wrapper had caught fire as well; I removed the wrapper and threw it on the bed, causing the bed and some of my property to be consumed as well. My neighbors heard me scream and rushed me to the hospital” she said.

Ibraheem Shukurat, the girl that was sent to get the kerosene said “she gave me one hundred naira to get her a bottle of kerosene from the woman selling kerosene which she describe to me, I don’t know how it turned to be something to cause a fire outbreak”.

The Kerosene vendor, Mrs Rabiu Kabirat also said that “a little girl come to my place and said she wants to buy kerosene and I attended to her but I don’t know how it changed to something to cause fire outbreak, because this is not the first time of selling kerosene to them”.
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