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Kwara LG Polls: Time to vote for righteous candidate

By Lanre Osho

The Kwara State Local Government Election is fast approaching as horse trading has started between the two popular political parties, the ruling, All Progressive Congress (APC) party and the strong opposition party, People Democratic Party (PDP).  Thus, it is an election where the winners will be the local government chairman or chairperson, as well as councilors of every ward.

Eligible voters must realize that the type of leader they want depends on their votes, based on whom they vote for and the kind of government we will have, is their decision.

It is no longer news that the election will hold on November 2017 less than a month today across the sixteen local government areas of the state, the citizenry must realize that their vote counts, and must know that voting is the civic duty of every citizen and not just a privilege. 

Any citizen who fails to vote do not have the right to complain after election, thus, if you did not exercise your franchise, you should be told to shut up when you criticize the actions of the government or join the group of people who say that the local government election is not be fair, because to them, the ruling party will win, so they do not need to vote or waste their time and energy for nothing sake, because it is the ruling party that will win.  This is an act of ignorance, 

which  is a disease as they say, or you join the group of people who say politics is a dirty game in line with the statement credited to Wood Row Wilson, PhD LLD 28th President of United States of America (1913 – 1921).

We must know that the candidates that win elections have the power to change people's life, it is the type of leader we elect that will determine the type of government that we will have, we must vote for people that are considered as honest, with moral visions, concerned with solving our social problems and will not loot the treasury dry, but rather distribute evenly the local government cake.

Local government election is more important than those of the state and federal because it is closer to the people at the grass root,  but the inability of the state INEC (KWASIEC) to conduct a free and fair election in the past has made citizens to lose hope on the outcome of the forthcoming  local government election, it is always presumed that it is difficult for the ruling party to lose an election, especially the local government, therefore, opposition are mapping out strategies to defeat the ruling party, but the citizens have to vote and defend their vote.

Lyndon Baines Johnson said “the vote is the most powerful instrument ever derived by man for breaking down injustice,” while William Jennings Bryan American Lawyer and statesman said, “destiny is not a matter of change, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved, the citizens can have the choice of their leader if they vote and make sure their vote count.”

It is always advisable to find out more about political candidates from friends, and neighbours  before voting for them, it is a known fact that politicians are a completely different set of human beings when it comes to requesting for votes from the people.  Some of their campaign slogans and promises are full of deceit, lies, dirty tricks, slanders and insults, in order to win votes from citizens, they condemn their opponents; I believe the ball is in citizens court not politicians, people are politically docile, any citizen that did not vote does not have the right to complain after election, it is the civic right of every citizen to vote and defend his/her vote.

Some people are against women being the local government chairperson, to them, women can't be boss over them and they would not vote for any woman, but when you ask them why, they do not have any reasonable point except that it is ridiculous allowing a woman to lead, while others say that, her religion is against it, but when asked to bring evidence, they fail to do this even from the Qur'an the adduced said woman should not be the local government chairman;

 when I asked them weather we have women in our society or not?  They say yes, did woman have a right to contest or not? They said yes, so why do you want to denied them their right? They are unable to convince me, I am not a politician and you hardly see me in any political garden, but I don't believe in gender inequality, but in justices and equity.

The Nigerian constitution allows women to contest for any political post, Aisha Alhassan, Minister of Women Affairs should have been the first woman Governor, if not the supreme court that delivered judgment against her; likewise Mrs. Rukayat Gbemisola Saraki should have become a woman governor in Kwara in 2011,

 if she had won the election, but she lost, Professor Remi Sonaya contested the Presidential election in 2015, had she won, would anybody have annulled her election result? Nobody can annul her election; Hellen Jon Sir Leaf is the first African President, I am not from Liberia, I do not know about their performances but I believe in the right candidate, who is an upright and honest candidate and no not discrimination, I don't know what they mean by a woman not being a  local government Chairman?  We are having woman as Commissioners, House of Representative members, Senators and other and no one raise eyebrow but now they are crying and saying they can't vote for woman.

I  do not belong to the school of thought that condemn people without basis, you must have the facts before condemning something, and I believe in votes, because vote counts, we need to move away from gender inequality we should stop discriminating and campaigning  against woman holding any political office in Nigeria.

Just recently, the former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State now Senator in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Olujimi, sponsored a bill on gender equality, it is a good bill, that must be given a speedy passage, it is a bill that will allow woman to participate more in politics, women are more focused, visionary, pious than man  I can confirm this because I am a man, it will be nice if we can encourage more women in politics, but it is good to know who we want to elect in any political office, find out who the person is before voting for him or her, your vote counts, it is time to vote for the right persons.

The type of government and the dividend of democracy we will enjoy depend on who we vote for.  This is the time for us to shine our eyes  well, and not allow vote rigging.
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