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Court dissolves 7-year marriage over lack of maintenance

By Idrees Aminat Alata

The judiciary court sitting in Center-Igboroin Ilorin, Kwara State has dissolved a seven year old marriage between Amudalat Abdulkadir and Abdulkadir Kawu over lack of maintenance. The marriage has however produced two seeds, Aishat, aged three and Mahmoud, two.

The plaintiff, Amudalat, charged the defendant to court over lack of maintenance and care for her and their two children.‘’He beats me and does not know his responsibility has a husband’’, she explained.

‘He also promised not to have a second wife but now that he has; he started misbehaving towards me and my children. I want this honorable court to please dissolve our marriage, I want the custody of my children and he should be pay a sum of 20,000 per month for their upkeep especially now that Aishat the second child is about to start schooling’ she said.

The defendant, Abdulkadir Kawuin his response, agreed to the divorce but also asked for the custody of Aishat. ‘I want her custody because I want to give her to my grandmother for proper care’.

“I don’t have such huge amount of money with me now because she knows quite well that I was robbed just of recent on a business trip to Kano,I can only afford 2,500 per month, he stressed’’.

Amudalat further explained that ‘the well being of her children lies in her hand, I cannot take such an amount of money from him and also would not allow him to have custody of Aishat’’.

The preceding judge, Ibrahim Abdulkadir explained the concept of marriage, that the holy book does not encourage divorce except there is a tangible reason.

“Islam does not support divorce except there is a strong reason from both parties and if any of them has no tangible reason but only wants divorce, he/she has a query to answer from Almighty Allah”.

He then asked the plaintiff if she was spiritually clean i.e. whether she was having her menstrual cycle to which she answered no; the presiding judge then pronounced the marriage dissolved, he issued a certificate of divorce, added that the plaintiff can only re-marry to another man after her 3 HIDA [menstruation] periods.

The case was then adjourned till the 25th of October for further investigations on why both parties want the custody of the child.

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